What do I get for participating in the urban bike adventure?
All  T.U.B.A participants receive:
t-shirt, chance for raffle prizes, and sponsor goodies!
Hang out after the race with the coolest people on the planet!
Top 10 teams receive medals, Top team receive goodies.

What kind of bike should I use?
All types of bikes can be used: road bike, mountain bike, beach cruiser, tandem etc. Also be aware some of the challenges and obstacles will require you to complete them dismounted from your bike and road biking shoes may not work the best.

Do I have to have a teammate?
T.U.B.A. participants compete in teams of two to four.  Grab a friend, family member, coworker or anyone else who wants to compete with you. One is the loneliest number.

What Happens if I can’t make the race?
You can transfer your entry to another person or We are sorry but we do not issue REFUNDS or free entries to other future events. The money you paid is spent developing the event. The Urban Bike Adventure does not save any money if you do not participate. All supplies and services for the event have already been paid for. The Urban Bike Adventure pays for all supplies and services associated with the events.

What should I bring?

  • Helmet Helmet Required (A limited number will be available to rent on race day, we recommend reserving one with us in advance).
  • Smartphone, map, genius friend and any technology that will aid you in solving clues.
  • A few dollars, as a small item may need to be purchased to complete a challenge.

Can we use any other types of transportation?
NO you can only use your bike!  No cars, buses, trains, jet packs, deloreans, etc.

How Long does the race last and how many miles?
The race typically lasts between 1 1/2-3 hours with a distance between 10-12 miles. There is a 3 hour time limit.  All participants must return to the finish line even if they have not completed all the checkpoints within 3 hours. Raffle and awards are given at this time.

How old do participants have to be?
The minimum age to participate is 7 years old. The maximum age is anyone who knew Moses.

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